HAI by Leviton®

Security Automation

Protect your loved ones, home, and property around the clock

Leviton offers Burglar and Fire Detection. Intrusion, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, water, vehicle presence and other hazards are detected by either wired or wireless sensors. System is easily accessed via smartphone or tablet.

Security sensors also act as the eyes and ears of your home. Safety, energy management, and entertainment devices can be automated by events such as door opening, motion or a preset schedule.

Surveillance Automation

Keep a watchful eye around your home, even when you're away.

View 16 high resolution IP or analog surveillance cameras. When using Leviton's IP camera, have still video frames emailed to your or uploaded to an FTP site when motion is detected.

On a built-in dedicated touchscreen, swipe through your list of cameras, select a camera to view a thumbnail and click the thumbnail for full screen viewing.

View live footage of nurseries, entrances, driveways, boat docks, and pool areas from anywhere in the world. Check up on a relative or pet from your smartphone or tablet.

Access Control Automation

Limit admission to designated areas using Leviton's Access Control

Leviton's high security proximity card reader guards wine cellars, outbuildings and pool areas. Swipe the card once to unlock a door, or three times to activate pathway lighting, turn off the alarm, and adjust temperatures.

Each card is tied to a specific user. Access to specific areas can be restricted to select individuals or particular times.

Leviton's Access Control Keypad is weatherproof and vandal resistant. Also control both ZigBee and Z-Wave door locks.

Energy Management Automation

Keep your home comfortable while saving money on energy use

By automating temperatures, water heaters, fountains, and pumps based on time or occupancy, you can reduce energy expenditures. The thermostat learns for maximum efficiency and comfort. ZigBee wireless modules manage energy use in high wattage loads like pool pumps and electric water heaters.

Utilize temperature and humity sensors for attics, garages, greenhouses, basements, wine cellars, coolers, pools and spas.

Use built-in touchscreen, smartphone or tablet to access temperature and humidity setpoints for dozens of thermostats at any time. Prior to arrival, turn up the heat at your cottage. Come home every night to a cozy climate controlled environment.

Lighting Automation

Set elegant lighting throughout your home to enhance its beauty

Enhance the enjoyment and value of your home, improve safety, and contribute to savings on energy bills. Automate lighting by schedule, motion detection, door openings, sunrise, sunset, alarm activation, and more. Just touch one button to turn every light in a room or whole house on or off. Personalize scenes for a romantic evening or a social gathering.

HAI Lighting Control (HLC) can be retrofitted into existing 110VAC homes without new wiring. Wireless lighting control is provided via Leviton Vizia RF +® Z-Wave® products.

Touchscreen and Apps

Check and adjust lighting, temperature, security, video surveillance audio, and more from Leviton''s in-wall Touchscreens or mobile interfaces. With Leviton software choices - including apps for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ - you can make changes to your home's status from practically anywhere in the world. Leviton offers many solutions, each designed to simplify your life.

Leviton's Automation products are quality engineered for a lifetime of use.

THEE Electric is a Leviton Security & Automation Integrator. Additional information can be found by downloading Leviton's Home Automation Brochure or call us for a quote.


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