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Building Management

Automate to increase control and reduce overhead

 Common Commercial Applications

  • Mixed Use Residential/Commercial
  • Medical and Business Offices
  • Pharmacies and Markets
  • Franchise Operations
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality


Security Automation

Protect customers, employees, property and inventory around the clock

Leviton provides proven protection with UL Listed and CP-01 compliant commercial security systems. Intrusion, vehicle presence, water, and other hazards can be detected by either wired or wireless sensors.

Prevent unauthorized access to storage and equipment rooms, pools, and offices. Manage and track employee activity. From your smartphone or tablet, view event logs, lock or unlock doors, and see live surveillance footage.

In an emergency, the alarm can communicate with a central monitoring station and provide voice, email, and text notifications.

Surveillence Automation

Keep a watchful eye around your facility, even when you're away

Leviton's high-resolution cameras oversee entrances and exits, parking areas, loading docks, cash registers, storage rooms, and customer facing areas like lobbies and showrooms.

View live footage from up to 16 high resolution IP or analog surveillance cameras. When using Leviton's IP camera, have still video frames emailed to you or uploaded to an FTP site when motion is detected in an area.

On a touchscreen or app, swipe through available surveillance cameras and click the preferred camera to view in full-screen format. With this ability to monitor your business operations, theft and/or fraud from employees or customers can be better prosecuted and even outright prevented.

Access Control Automation

Limit admission to designated areas based on time, date, or individual

Leviton's high security, digitally encrypted proximity card reader manages gate and door access. Initiate building functions specific to the individual accessing the door, as well as the time or date.

Swipe once to unlock the door. Swipe three times to unlock the door, disarm the security system, illuminate pathway lighting, change temperatures, activate pumps/fans, turn on audio zones, and much more.

Because each card or key tag is tied to a specific user, all of the actions can also be customized for each individual user. Access to the wine cellar, out buildings, or office areas can be restricted to specific individuals and specific times. View an event log on your tablet or smartphone to determine the times that your employees are accessing supervised areas.

Energy Management Automation

Keep your customers comfortable while saving money on energy use

Automate up to 64 thermostats to reduce energy use and increase your bottom line. Leviton's wireless energy management products are retrofit friendly. Monitor and control temperature and humidity settings based on occupancy. Control water heaters, fountain or pool pumps, generators, ceiling fans, irrigation, ventilation, compressors, drapes, shades and shutters. Prevent phantom loads from electronic devices.

By self-monitoring real-time energy use, high draw devices can become more aware and change operating schedules automatically. If a compressor for a cooler at a supermarket were to fail, both the store manager and repair technician could receive alerts thereby speeding response and preventing loss of inventory.

Automate temperatures and humidities based on schedule such as sunrise or event such as window or door opening. Manually adjust any climate setpoint from a touchscreen, tablet, or smartphone.

Lighting Automation

Practical and elegant lighting control throughout your property

Improve security, contribute to savings on your energy bill, and enhance areas with task oriented lighting. Control interior and exterior lights including building signage. Program lights to illuminate exit pathways during an alarm or activate night lights each night.

Unused lights turn off when leaving the building and restore automatically upon returning. From a smartphone or tablet, easily turn all lights on/off or dim a CFL or LED device to a particular level.

Omni-Bus is a hardwired DIN rail solution, popular because it can control up to 256 lights, shades, fans, shutters and pumps with reduced wiring and installation costs. HAI Lighting Control-the 110V solution - can be retrofitted without new wiring and features plug-ins for table lamps and small appliances. Leviton automation systems also control Vizia RF+®, Z-Wave®, ZigBee®, KNX®, DALI, and various other lighting protocols to suit your aesthetic or technology requirements. The Leviton GreenMAX® integration opens up additional commercial lighting protocols and voltages.


Automation Interface Options

Leviton offers many choices to monitor and control your business

Easy to use interfaces control security, temperature, lighting, audio, surveillance video, irrigation, and more.

With a push of a button Leviton's wireless key fob can activate lights, unlock doors, adjust audio and temperature settings. The key fob can also be used to activate a panic alert to sound alarm and notify police and fire.

Levitons OmniTouch 7 gives you access to all facility functions from a in-wall device. Monitor and adjust security, temperatures, lighting, audio, irrigation, door locks, pumps, fans, fountains, video serveillance and more.

The OmniTouch Pro from Leviton offers a customizable interface application for a PC or PC with touchscreen capability.

Leviton also offers various mobile graphical interfaces to control your building via iPhone®, iPad®, Ipod Touch, Kindle Fire e-reader or Android™ device. Manage multiple properties from the same app without any user fees or licenses, perfect for franchise owners and businesses with multiple locations.

Leviton's Automation products are quality engineered for a lifetime of use.

THEE Electric is a Leviton Security & Automation Integrator. Additional information can be found by downloading Leviton's Building Management Brochure or call us for a quote.


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